About Us

iHealth was founded in 2008 and opened its doors in October 2009. Dr. Richard Li and Dr. Tamara Woller-Li wished to establish a wellness clinic where patients and their problems come first, with an entire team at their disposal to help them heal. The doctors have been working hard to build this great team over recent years, and are excited to provide effective and integrated healing resources to their patients!

A typical visit to iHealth will include multiple modes of physical therapy and exercise, including massage therapy. Because we employ a variety of massage therapists, many patients have enjoyed the luxury of a choice of therapists. (We all have our favorites!) In fact, each therapist on the team is highly skilled and we recommend that you try them all!


Dr. Tammy grew up in a small town in Wisconsin on a family-run honey farm. She attended the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse and then headed west to Portland, Oregon, where she too attended Western States Chiropractic College. She graduated in 1999 and moved to New Jersey where she worked in the Bronx at a busy clinic treating 60-70 patients a day. She attended more classes and completed her studies in NCV and EMG training in October 2002. After her daughter Nyah was born in 2002, Dr. Tammy moved back to the Midwest, where she began practicing at Gauthier Chiropractic. She then was presented with the opportunity to partner with Synergy Institute and build a new practice in Aurora. Four years, another child, and many patients later it was time to expand an independent office from Synergy Institute. This prompted the development of iHealth.


After graduating from high school in Shanghai, China, Dr. Li was selected to attend Shanghai Medical School. Here he received his medical training and learned the skill of acupuncture and Tuina. After finishing his four-year medical degree, he decided to move to Canada where he finished his training in Alberta. From there he traveled to Portland, Oregon, where he attended Western States Chiropractic College. He graduated in 1998 and began practicing in Edward, Colorado. He then moved to New York City to practice at a high-volume practice in upper Manhattan. Adjusting over 80 patients a day perfected his skills and exposed him to numerous patients with a variety of complaints. Not liking the high-pace city life for his growing family, he moved back to the Midwest, initially running a similar clinic in Chicago and later moving to Naperville and working at Synergy Institute. Dr. Li has become very connected in the Chicago area over the years and has extensive connections with other medical professions.


Marilyn Wiggan grew up in Jamaica and was trained at the University of the West Indies where she completed her Physical Therapy degree in 1988. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1992, where she worked with Rush Copley in Chicago. She then progressed into integrated medicine since 1999. She has an interest in treating orthopedic cases along with worker’s comp and auto cases. She is vibrant and full of energy. She has completed her master’s degree in Managerial Leadership from National Lewis University, is married to Robert who is a realtor, and is mother to beautiful twins Shae-Anne and Sean.